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Dance Biography



Gabriele T. Tesfa Guma is a native of Ethiopia and was raised in Italy. Mr. Tesfa-Guma has a career in music as well as in dance. Mr. Tesfa-Guma received his dance training from teachers like David Howard, and schools like Ballet Academy East, The Rock School of Pennsylvania Ballet , Philadanco, The Joffrey Ballet School, and Alvin Ailey American Dance Center. 


Gabriele danced internationally with many companies, including Joffrey II: The Dancers, Alpha Omega, Takaski Watanabe (Japan), and was a lead dancer with Philadanco for seven years. 

Gabriele has been teaching a variety of dance techniques such as ballet, jazz, modern and hip-hop at the Rock School for Dance Education and for their outreach program at Sheppard Elementary and Ludlow Elementary. Mr Tesfa Guma also teaches for the Kimmel Center Outreach program at schools like West Philadelphia High School, Nueva Espera Charter School and Middle Years Alternative middle school (M.Y.A.) and Westtown School.

Also Mr Tesfa Guma choreographed and taught workshops at schools like University City Arts League , Music In Motion (St. Croix -U.S. Virgin Islands) , Bryn Mawr College, School of the Future, Point Breeze Academy for the Performing Arts, Ballet School of Central Pennsylvania (State College,Pa), Martha Merideth School of Dance(Syosset, Long Island) , HB Wilson , Philadanco and more . 


Mr. Tesfa Guma loves to lend his passion and experience to help shape young , passionate and talented dance students and believes in the power and benefit of dance training for the shaping of all children . 


"I was very fortunate to have Mr. Gabriele as a teacher during my early years of training. His classes not only allowed me to develop a strong technical base, but also constantly challenged me with new approaches to movement. Most of all, he was extremely supportive and provided me with the constructive criticism and confidence I needed to become the dancer I am today." 
- Sarah-Gabrielle Ryan , ballerina with Pacific Northwest Ballet

"Gabriele always had a warm and loving presence that was loved by many students. He was just the ‘coolest’ teacher :)  
Not only is he an inspirational ballet teacher, he is a versatile all-around artist. 
Knowing only classical ballet as a student, seeing my ballet teacher singing, dancing, playing music… on the guitar, on the drums... and in various styles, his artistry was absolutely mind-blowing.
His presence as a whole opened my eyes to hearing, feeling and interpreting music in a perceptual way that triggered me to explore a kind of flow and rhythm outside of academical classical ballet training that I cherish to this day." - EUREKA NAKANO

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